Talent Development animated

What is important for me in this trip, is not so much that we bring bits and pieces from Portugal to the Netherlands. On the contrary, I now appreciate the Dutch education system more than I did before. Our system is not fault free, but it works.

The animation is on how I see talent development in people.

Education is more traditional in Portugal. More classical education, which we have lost or moved past from in the Netherlands. The resources used to teach  are mainly books, hardly anything more than that. This works, but it is not an approach that the Dutch can use. Still, the Portuguese students speak English on an exceptional high level. It really works.

The Dutch way of mixing groups generates an enourmous diversity. Which is a big task for the teacher, as differentiation is a requirement. You have to, as a teacher. This offers more to the students than having one single level for the whole class. So, the students can use our system to grow.

Again, it is not a complaint or disadvantage of the Portuguese way, it is just that I am appreciating our system more now.

If you walk into a school in Portugal, you sense and feel the atmosphere. My son of four made the choice for his school in this walk-in impression. I like that this is possible.

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