Seven research questions to work on in Portugal

For a great part my questions are based on the book Cleverlands by Lucy Crehan, who investigated Western and Eastern educational systems extensively. From this comparison, she derived five principles to enhance the Western educational systems, which are not copied from Eastern ones, but are based on analyses and constructed from differences. The principles convert easily into five questions, that will investigate the transformation the Portuguese educational system has gone through in the past decade.

In addition, I included two questions that I personally like to investigate and get an Portuguese perspective on.


  1. How does Portugal get children ready for formal education? (—> children are prepared)
  2. How does Portugal design curricula concepts for mastery (and context for motivation)? (—> children learn)
  3. How does Portugal support children to take on challenges (rather than making concessions)? (—> all children learn)
  4. How does Portugal treat teachers as professionals? (—> teachers are highly skilled)
  5. How does Portugal combine school accountability with school support (rather than sanctions)? (—> schools are effective)
  6. How does Portugal use humor during lessons and how does that influence stress reduction?
  7. How does Portugal manage the complex dynamic systems that a class and students are?

Now, let’s see how far I can get in finding answers on these questions in about three days…


Lucy Crehan (2016), Cleverlands – The Secrets Behind the Success of the World’s Education Superpowers. Cornerstone (isbn 9781783522736)

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