Let’s Get Ourselves into a Picture

Obviously, we are on a school trip. Serious business, as we are expected to discover, investigate, analyse, discuss and learn. But, we are on a school trip too, so some of the time we act up. The inner child in use never has left any of us and then things start to happen. Strange things, but fun.

Picture of the Coimbra Study Trip Group 2018 (with our hosts)

All in all, the trip is a tremendous success, even when it’s not over yet. We think our education system is broken and desperately needs repair. The Portugese concur, not about our education system, but about their own.

The odd thing is, none of us is able, maybe not even willing to put in the work, to change our education system.

It is a given.

From this point of not being able to change the system, you can search for parts that you can change and that will have an impact on the quality of your teaching…

It is you.

Changing you will do. It won’t be easy, it will takes years of curiously searching in yourself for avenues of changes, pathways towards improvement, tunnels to avoid the mountains of resistance that are within you. But then you will change the education you deliver to your students. Then you will improve your ability to spot talent that is present in each and every one of your students. You will even nurture, water and feed the seeds of talent not yet visible in those student, by embracing each student as the person he or she is. Offer help, assistance, attention and a piece of your love for a person.

If you do that, then you will change them by having them develop their talents.

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