Impressions on our school visit

Thursday morning, a warm welcome at Escola Secundária D. Maria and after a guided tour we were divided into three different groups to attend the lessons. The teacher was teaching in English. The children had to answer in English. So all conversation was in English. The 28 pupils did pay attention to the teacher for 45 minutes. Between the children there was no interaction. No-one was trying to get distract another. There was much interaction, stimulated by the teacher. She’s a very motivated person and she knew all the children by name.

After 45 minutes we had the opportunity to talk to her and she told us that she was new at this school. She’s trying to follow the curriculum so the children will be successful. A

The curriculum is a term what came back regularly in the conversation with teachers at different schools. Teachers experience the curriculum as strict.

Also an inspired teacher was the teacher of Geometria Descritiva.


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