Dom João III and Dom Peter I

Quite a bit of history is available about Portugal. We saw the statue of John the 3rd (João III, 1502), and heard the story of Peter the 1st (Pedro I, 1320). The statue of John III is on a beautiful spot in Coimbra, fairly high up so you can see the city from above.

King Peter I is a different story. Students Jack and Pedro told us about it during a visit to their school.

The people used two nicknames for this king: The Just and The Cruel. He lived in the 1320s and in his youth, while he was still just a prince, he was madly in love with his Inês. However, his father had arranged for a Spanish princess for him to marry. His love for Inês remained, but his wife she would never become. After his wife Constanza died after childbirth, Peter wanted to marry his Inês. No way his father would allow that and after years of turmoilthe father – at that time the king of Portugal – decided that Inês was best executed. He had three men do that, which enraged Peter. He fought his father in battle, lost that, but after the battles his father died. Peter became King Peter I. Searched and found two of the three that killed his Inês.

Ripped their hearts out. Feels just, sounds cruel.

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